Lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) and COVID-19 tests is a sad reality across the USA right now. The crisis is exposing the economic inequalities with impoverished and underserved populations.

We collect funds to purchase masks, gloves, gowns, face-shields and other PPE items. We get them DIRECTLY to first responders and medical staff in new and arising epicenters and underserved communities.

OUR MISSION: Get the right gear to the right people and get it there FAST!

We aim to fill in supply gaps and work with first responders and medical staff to determine which first responders are NOT getting gear through normal channels.

Our Advisory Team is working in ICUs right now, and is telling us not just what is missing today, but what will be missing in a few days when we expect to have PPE to deliver.

NO OTHER GROUP is designed from the start to be as responsive to the ever-shifting needs of our crisis responders than this project.


  • Keep moving.
  • Need-based: our efforts must meet actual, validated needs.
  • Effective altruism: invest resources efficiently to minimize effort and maximize results.
  • Frugal: Use every donated dollar as wisely as if it was our own hard-earned cash.
  • Transparent: show funding & result publicly.